Our Mission


Mission Statement

Pathways Clinic is a pregnancy and family resource center that empowers individuals to make healthy, life-affirming choices by offering education, resources, and support.

Vision Statement

Pathways’ vision is that men and women would experience God’s unconditional love, passionately choose life and thrive at the opportunity of parenthood.

Core Values:

We believe that:

  • Women are strong and capable of making their own choices and that we are not here to judge their decisions.
  • Women should be supported, educated, and empowered, to make informed decisions about their pregnancy.
  • That there is a divine purpose and plan for every child that is conceived.
  • Every child is a blessing.
  • No woman should feel pressured into making a choice about her pregnancy.
  • A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy should have a safe place to help her that will not profit from the reproductive choices she makes.
  • A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy deserves non-violent solutions such as practical resources and emotional support.
  • Nothing comes into existence unless God wills it.
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman.