The Community Pregnancy Clinic of Camas Washougal (now Pathways Clinic) opened its doors in Camas on Cedar Street in 1994 with 350 sq. feet of office space.  The clothing had to be located elsewhere since there was not enough room in such a small office.  A limited number of clients were seen the first year, but as word of services spread, our client load increased and we quickly outgrew Cedar Street.

 In 1996 we moved to 3rd Avenue, grateful and ready to expand the ministry.  As seeds for the medical services began growing, the house was remodeled to accommodate an ultrasound machine.  This service provided an amazing tool in our quest to reach the abortion-minded with the reality of the gift of life through ultrasound.

In 2009, we started the Earn While You Learn program, growing from eight lessons to now over 200.  The lessons are taught through a series of videos and worksheets which educate clients on a variety of topics from pregnancy and nutrition, to newborn care. By completing these lessons and homework, participants earn Baby Bucks to "purchase" supplies from our Baby Boutique. 

In 2013, the clinic was re-branded with a new youth-friendly name and outreach strategy.  The launch of this new brand, Pathways, was tied to the unveiling of our new and improved version of the Walk for Life, which has been part of the ministry since the beginning.  The Run For Life event successfully generated new interest in our ministry as well as promoted the clinic's new name to our local community. 

2017 was another milestone year for Pathways as we moved the clinic into our new location in Washougal. This move was the culmination of many years of dreaming and trusting that God would provide a larger facility when the time was right.  Our new single story location provides better safety for our clients and their children, an additional consult room for our growing number of clients, a larger boutique to provide much needed items to our clients, and a meeting area to allow us to expand our outreach to the community through parenting classes and support groups. 

Since our humble beginnings, we have ministered to more women each year, often having the opportunity to share the gospel.  After beginning our prenatal education program, we now have more time with our clients, increasing our ability to establish healthy, supportive relationships.  It is through these relationships that we hope to show the love of Christ to each client who walks through our door.

Thanks to all those who have helped us get to where we are today.  We can't wait to see what else God has in store for this ministry!