About Us


At Pathways

  •  We provide compassionate help and hope to those who find themselves unprepared for pregnancy.
  • We encourage and support both practical and informational programs which help to stem the tide of unplanned pregnancies in our community.
  • We make referrals when needed for social services, medical care, adoption, and for those who suffer emotional, physical or spiritual trauma from a previous abortion.
  • We provide pregnancy testing and ultrasounds free of charge to those facing an unplanned pregnancy.


 Pathways is a 501(c)3 faith-based nonprofit organization. Because of the support of our community, we are able to offer all of our services free of charge. Pathways receives no federal or state funding, and relies on private donations to maintain its operations. Our goal is to support women and families in our community facing unplanned pregnancies by serving their practical needs, as well as their emotional and spiritual needs. 

We believe that every life has a purpose and that every life deserves a chance.  Our desire is that women and families who come to Pathways will receive evidence based education and make the right choice. 



At Pathways, we believe that every client that comes through our door is a divine appointment and that we are to love them with the love of Christ.  A "no matter what"  kind of love.  A love that says, "we will love you, no matter what". No matter what is going on in their lives, no matter what led them to our door, no matter what decision they make, we will continue to love and support them. 

We have an amazing board of directors and wonderful staff that seek to live out our mission every day.  Please take a moment to meet them.