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 Hello! I wanted to take a moment and let you know how excited I am to join the Pathways family. I have a long background in non-profit management and my heart is with children’s advocacy.  I am devoted to the ministry behind Pathways and I am humbled that God has called me for this position. I am looking forward to watching Him work in both my life and the ministry.I can promise you that I am here for the long haul. My fiduciary responsibility to the organization and our donors, the call to minister to those we serve as well as to our staff and volunteers, and the duty to honor God in all ways will be ever present in my mind, in my heart, and will guide every decision. I relish the opportunity to meet with our supporters, and get to know each of you.  I ask that along with your continued support of the women and children in our community, that you also keep this ministry and those that we serve in your prayers.  ~May His grace and blessings light your path

~ Kimberli Swenson 

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